• Noelani Pearl Hunt

Labor Management Update

Updated: Mar 6

There was a Labor Management Initiative training for District and school stakeholders on March 28. Participants included our Cohort 3 schools — Sutter, Bracher, Mayne, and Ponderosa Elementary Schools, and Cabrillo and Buchser Middle Schools — along with team members from our Business Services, Ed Services, Human Resources, and School Support and District Development divisions. We also welcomed San Mateo Foster City School District.

Teams reflected on their work in Sessions 1 and 2 and considered the level of authentic partnerships at the district and school level.Grade level/department teams explored professional learning best practices (PLCs/Professional Learning Communities).Teams developed goals and an action plan for the remainder of the year and considered how to expand the work in their schools and districts.Teams plan to reconnect with others in the network to share, listen and learn about plans to build coherence and alignment of learning goals throughout the system.


Superintendent Stanley Rose, Ed.D. Board President Noelani Pearl Hunt UTSC President Michael Hickey CSEA Chapter 350 President Patty Picard


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