• Noelani Pearl Hunt

Noelani Pearl Hunt brings forward policy to protect LGBT Students and Staff

One of my goals as a school board trustee is to make sure that all students are represented equally, have the ability to learn and engage at their highest level possible and are successful in their career or college paths. I was honored to bring forward a small change in policy that offered protections for LGBT students.

Under AR 5145.7 - Sexual Harassment (Students), I requested that the following language be added to the list of examples of sexual harassment:

12. Use of sexually explicit terms in reference to gender identity, sexual orientation OR same sex relationships.

  1. The policy is going back to the policy committee to refine the language in other areas, however, the Trustees were very supportive of adding the above to the policy.Thank you Leslie Bulbuk and Judy Rickard for coming out to support the addition.


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