• Noelani Pearl Hunt

Noelani Pearl Hunt brings forward resolution to protect students & families

Last night, at my urging, we brought forward and passed Resolution #16-46 Safe Environments for Students, protecting the students and families of Santa Clara Unified School District. We directed the Superintendent to provide the necessary support for students to feel safe in expressing their views and to provide a safe haven for families who might experience discrimination. I am proud to protect the safety and security of our community.

Here is a small excerpt:

"Resolved further, that the Board of Trustees reaffirms its support for every individual embracing education and that Santa Clara Unified School District campuses will continue to serve as safe zones and resource centers for students and families threatened by immigration enforcement or discrimination; and, be it finally

Resolved, That the Santa Clara Unified School District Board of Trustees is focused on a goal of 100% graduation rate so that every child has the opportunity to thrive.”


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