• Noelani Pearl Hunt

Noelani Pearl Hunt RECOGNIZED GLOBALLY as a Filipina of distinction

Filipina Leadership Summit and Gala Awards Event to take place October 29-31 in San Francisco

Santa Clara, CA 09/05/2015: Noelani Pearl Hunt Santa Clara Unified School Board Trustee and Director, Business Development, San Jose Jazz has selected Most Influential Filipina Woman in the World (Global FWN100™) by the Filipina Women's Network.

The Global FWN100 Award™ recognizes 100 women of Philippine ancestry who are changing the face of leadership in the global workplace, having reached status for outstanding work in their respective fields and are recognized for their achievement and contributions to society, femtorship and legacy. Pearl Hunt was selected from an outstanding field of nominees from around the world.

“The Global FWN100™ women are dynamic entrepreneurs, rising stars under age 35, practitioners, behind-the-scene leaders, community, government and corporate managers and executives who have moved through the ranks in large organizations, nonprofits, and government agencies. They are inspiring examples of women doing extraordinary work who will motivate our youth and future leaders,” said Thelma Boac, Chair of the Global FWN100™ Worldwide Search and Selection Committee. “They were selected based on the size and scope of their positions, influence in their industries and their communities, board affiliations and other leadership roles. Nominations were received from 18 countries.”

The Global FWN100 Award™ is a working recognition award with a meaningful purpose and FWN’s 2020 Vision: a Filipina woman leader in every sector of the global economy by 2020. The awardees are asked to re-invent themselves by paying forward, femtoring a young Filipina woman and bring her to the Filipina Leadership Global Summit on October 29-31, 2015 in San Francisco at the Marines’ Memorial Club.

“Noelani Pearl Hunt is now a partner in helping FWN develop the Filipina community's pipeline of qualified leaders to increase the odds that some will rise to the "president" position in all sectors of the global economy, " added Marily Mondejar, FWN’s Founder & CEO. "We gather all these amazing women at the Filipina Summit to inspire each other and create synergy. We interview each awardee so that their collective stories of how they disrupted their professional and personal lives will be part the largest recorded diaspora in modern times."

“The summit’s theme this year is Legacy2.0 Next Generation Leaders. Seeing all the Awardees on stage during the gala awards ceremony assures me that the future of our young Pinay sisters is solid,” said Susie Quesada, President of Ramar Foods and FWN President. “Awardees often share this inspiring evening with their mothers, grandmothers, daughters, sons, spouses, partners, young women and men, mentors and bosses from their organizations.”

The Filipina Summit’s aspirational sessions include “Smart.Young.Unintimidated.Next Generation Leaders.Yes.We.Are., Make Me A Filipina Millionaire, Make Me A Filipina CEO, Kick-Ass Women in Kali, Arnis, Eskrima, and Boxing. Learning Journeys to MedShare, the Golden State Warriors, and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory will convene the philanthropy, sports and STEM leaders. The public and private business partnerships meetings, the popular ‘Pinay Speed Femtoring’ with selected 100 young Filipina professionals and graduate students who will meet and learn from the Global FWN100™ awardees, and the “Corporate Men: The Power of Gender Equality” are much awaited.

Sponsors who have partnered to-date with FWN are Wells Fargo, AT&T, Seven Seven Corporate Group, Ramar Foods International, Southwest Airlines and 5M Project.


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